Aug 3, 2011 - Great deals today!!! is featuring a deal from Eat Cleaner - for only $15. I LOVE this stuff! I bought a deal when they were featured on gaggle of chicks and I've been using it now for about a month. Thought I love to buy organic as much as possible, I can't always afford to. So, this is great to spray on all your fresh produce and get all the pesticides off. And if you do buy organic, it's still nice to be able to get all the dirt and grime away. Plus, because you don't have all those chemicals leaching into the food after you've washed it with the Eat Cleaner Spray - it will last a lot longer. Anyway - for only $15, you get Fresh Fruit+Vegetable Wash Spray with one refill, the Seafood+Poultry Wash Spray, a 40-count canister of Grab-N-Go Biodegradable Wipes, and two 10-count packs of individually wrapped Grab-N-Go Biodegradable Wipes (a $32.50 value). You will have to pay the $5.99 flat rate shipping - so that will bring your grand total to $20.99. Still a great deal for a great product!!! And even better - if you're new to, you get an instant $10 credit just for signing up! So, you could get this amazing deal for only $5 (plus shipping)!!! Click here to get this product!

P.S. If you're in the Charlotte area and looking for a tutor for your child - my husband's tutoring business is being featured on today!!! You can get 50% off tutoring services with today's deal ($50 value!!)!

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