Aug 5, 2011

New Code for My Habit

Remember my telling you about the awesome $25 free code for that expired August 1st? Well, they've got a new code up for another $25!!! No minimum purchase! Just type in INTLSHIP and it will take $25 off your order. And, shipping is always free (within the US). Also, if you have credit with - you can use that on It's the same username/password! They post new items at 12:00 est every day. In case you've looked before and been disappointed that everything good was sold out, know that you're not alone. I set my timer for at least 4-5 days last month and was on the site right at 12:00 to look through to find something. I kid you not when I say that by the time I decided what I wanted (about 3 minutes) - they were sold out! Every single time! So, you've got to be super fast. Find the first thing that you like, put it in your cart, and check out immediately! Let me know what amazing things you find!!!

P.S. It had been a couple of days since I viewed the site, so I checked them out just now. They've added a new "Home" section with cool stuff! So, if you're not in need of clothing items, but want to take a look at their home goods, there are some really neat things on there!

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