Apr 14, 2011

Bella Nova Squeaky Shoes

If you'd like some super cute shoes for your daughter, niece, or any special little girl - I have a friend with Bella Nova Squeaky shoes for about 1/2 off the retail price! Each pair is only $15 + shipping. She only has 4 pairs left, so you'll need to act fast if you'd like one!
 Bella Nova Squeaky Shoes - Plaid - Size 9 - $15.00
Bella Nova Squeaky Shoes - Ducks - Size 6 and 9 - $15.00 each 
(how cute would this be for sisters to wear for Easter?!?!?!)
Bella Nova Squeaky Shoes - Sandals - Size 7 - $15.00

I'm not much for things that make noise, but I was in the grocery store a couple of weeks ago and heard this cute little squeaking sound. I turned around to find a precious little girl who had on a pair. They were absolutely adorable and the squeak was really cute and not annoying! The little girl was SO proud of them and was so cute about showing them to me! Just leave a comment if you're interested, or if you're having trouble leaving a comment - you can email me at lisahuntington1979@gmail(dot)com!

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