Apr 20, 2011

Deal of the Day - April 20

Have you heard of Gaggle of Chick's? It is a lot like Groupon, and the other services like that. It generally sticks with household and childrens items - and they have a little bit of an natural/earthy/green slant. Well, when I signed up a while back, I got a $10 credit. I've been holding onto it until I found something I really liked. Well, today their deal is for $30 worth of Eat Cleaner products - for only $15. So, I checked out the Eat Cleaner website and their stuff looks pretty cool! So, I got the $15 certificate for only $5 (with my $10 credit), and if I order from Eat Cleaner before the 24th, they have a special (because of Earth Day) that will give me free shipping on any order $30 or more! So, this is how it will work. 

If enough people buy the deal from Gaggle of Chicks, I'll get a e-certificate from them tomorrow in my email for $30 to use on the Eat Cleaner site. They have a special Eat Cleaner Bundle for Gaggle of Chicks that includes 4 oz Concentrate, Fruit + Vegetable Wash Refill, plus 10-Ct. Wipes - Individually wrapped, great for travel and lunchboxes, and a 40-Ct.for $30. So, I'll get that and qualify for the free shipping. Plus, I'll get a Eat Cleaner Tote bag because of the Earth Day promo! 

If you're interested in this deal, click this link and can get it too. Plus, you'll help me earn credit as well! :) I'm not sure if they're still offering the new sign-up credit; I didn't see it on the site. But even at $15, that's still a 50% discount, plus free shipping, plus the free tote!

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