Mar 23, 2011

Great Deals without Coupons!!!!

My sister, an avid Kroger shopper, was able to get everything pictured above for a total of $10.53 - without using a single coupon! Unfortunately, there are no Kroger grocery stores near me. If there were, I think I would probably be a regular! Not only do they allow you to load coupons onto your store savings card (meaning that you can use a site called cellfire and electronically load coupons onto your card; no clipping, no sorting - just hand your card to the cashier and they automatically come off your bill) - but they have absolutely incredible deals all the time! Literally! Here's the breakdown of what my sister was able to find today:

2-2 liter bottles of Coke-A-Cola and Coke Zero on sale for .89 each

2pk Kroger chocolate donuts .50 each
4-4pk hot dog buns .25 each
1 Cinnamon raisin English muffins 6pk .25
1 Danish cherry pastry x2 .25 each
1 Dinner rolls 2 dozen 25.each
2 loafs white bread .25 each
2 loafs whole wheat grain bread .50 each
1 powdered donut holes .50
6 Vitamin waters .50 each
1 VitaminZero water .50

Most of these were what Kroger calls "Manager Specials". The following pictures show what kind of tag you should look for. 

So, as much as I LOVE coupons and think they are an absolute must for the savvy shopper - sometimes you can find amazing deals without them. You might just have to do a little digging!


44socksontheline said...

To me, it's not a great deal if I wouldn't buy it anyway. All that stuff is processed and bad for you. That said, I do love kroger manager specials though! they often mark down organic salad and things I *would* buy to dirt cheap.

Isabella's Mom said...

I have no intention of buying new tv and I might (though I don't) think that having a tv is bad for you. However, if a friend found a $400 tv on super sale for $50 - that would be a great deal, regardless of my views on the value of having a tv. I don't personally buy most of the things pictured above. And for the sake of my general health (and the size of my hind quarters), I probably wouldn't even at the amazing prices listed above. :-D However, getting a $3.49 loaf of whole wheat bread for $.50 is pretty darn good, and is a far cry from "bad for you". The whole idea of the post is not that you should buy the foods above, but that you can find great deals (especially at Kroger) without even having to use coupons!

hollie said...

I've been pining for a Kroger store for years. Bet she had fun on that trip!

Sarah said...

Yes, Lisa, fair point. I sidetracked my own comment by adding the bit about it being bad for you.
More on target to what I meant, was that if I spend $0.50 for something that used to be $10 and I wouldn't have considered buying it otherwise, I just wasted $0.50 no matter how great a deal it is.
I am sure you agree with me to some extent - as any couponer knows, the pennies really add up, and it works both ways. If I buy something I don't want or use, even for pennies, that adds up too.
Maybe you could post something in the future on how you keep a sanity check on your couponing. I'd be very interested in that as it's something that frustrates me when I try doing it.

Anonymous said...

This is from Lacey (my sister). She had trouble posting a comment (I'm thinking a lot of people are, but not sure what to do to fix that).

Yes, a lot of these items I bought were probably not the best types of food for you. I never buy white bread, (just pure sugar, but the ducks in our pond love it) and powdered and chocolate donuts are only for special occasion. My husband’s spring break is coming up next week so I thought these would be great to have around for quick treats for him to have while he's out working his second job, during spring break... Considering most spring breaks are an actual break and not just more work:-)
I also see both sides on just buying to buy because it's a great sale. My motto is that if it's basically free and I know I can fit it into that weeks budget I'm going to buy it. We have a food pantry at church that we donate to another church that’s always in need of just about everything. We do what we can, but some months we have to pass, so this was a prime opportunity to buy a few extras; I also have a brother-in-law whose been working out of town for the past month living in a hotel, so I sent him a care package of a few goodies that was very much appreciated and we also have pitch ins at our church once a month, so having a few extras, whether it’s rolls or pastry to make the meals go further is always a plus. All in all, just because I don't buy or eat these certain types of food, but on occasion, doesn't mean other people don't, especially those in need.