Aug 6, 2012

Harris Teeter, Craig's List, and Plum District

Plum District has a promo code up right now (SUMMER2012) for 20% off your entire purchase - good through August 8th (Wednesday). Normally, they'll either apply a discount code or Plum Dollars that you have in your account (they award them periodically for creating an account, referring a friend, etc.). But, I had $5 credit in my account and they applied both the discount code AND the $5! The deal I particularly like right now is:

Turn Your Favorite Photo into Wall Art 

Includes FREE Standard Shipping

$27 for a 11x11 Canvas Print - a $53 Value
$28 for an 11x14 Canvas Print - a $60 Value
$37 for an 16x20 CanvasPrint - an $87 Value

I got the 16x20 canvas voucher for only $24.60 + free shipping (about $100 value)! I can't wait to use these to get some photos turned into beautiful art work! If you're not a plum district subscriber, click here to sign up for free!

Harris Teeter - ready, set, clip!!! HT will be doing another amazing Super-Double Coupon event . . . and they'll be doubling up to $2 face value! So now is the time to use those coupons that are$1.50 (they're worth $3 at HT) and the few rare $2.00 coupons (they're worth $4 at HT)!!! The promo starts on Wednesday, August 8th and will run all the way through the following Tuesday, August 14th.

Craig's List - have you forgotten about this amazing "service"? I've just recently gotten reacquainted with it and am totally re-sold! I have a slight obsession with Pottery Barn furniture - although I just can't afford to pay full-price for it. So I've been scouting out Craig's List on a daily basis and here is what I've learned:
  • Don't search for the item you're looking for, search for the brand. I've been just entering "Pottery Barn" in the search box and I get to see everything that anyone is selling from PB. Otherwise, I have to sift through hundreds of ads for furniture that I have absolutely no interest in.
  • Never pay more than 50% of the original price of the item; significantly less if it's older.
  • Always negotiate price; it is absolutely expected on Craig's List. Even people who say "price firm". Make an offer! Seriously, what's the worst they can say?
  • If they're not close-by, be pro-active and offer to pay full asking price if they'll deliver the item - or at least meet you somewhere.
  • Be patient and check back daily. People post things all the time - so just check back on a daily basis to see what's new - and to see who still has something they're trying to get rid of. People who post, re-post, and re-post day after day - really want to get rid of whatever they're selling. Those are the people who are willing to deal!

So that's it for now! Good luck and happy shopping!

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