Aug 5, 2012

Combining Deals

You can often save big bucks when you combine a variety of deals/offers! Just this morning, I combined a fantastic sale, with ebates, and shop runner to save myself over 50%. Here's what I did: is having a fantastic sale on bras: buy 1, get another for 75% off (doesn't have to be the same bra). Plus, use code XTRA15 at checkout and get an additional 15% your entire order. So here's what I did:

  • Logged in to my ebates account and did a search for bare necessities. They're offering 4% cash back! So I clicked on the "Shop Now" button and they automatically directed me to barenecessities. 
  • I bought 2 bras on sale for $35 each. After discounts, they came out to $7.22 and $29.75 each. 
  • When I got to the place where I enter in shipping preference, I logged into my shoprunner account (they have a button there where you can do it directly from their page and it automatically calculates). So I got my shipping for free! 
All totaled I got two bras shipped to my door for $36.97 + I'll get $1.47 deposited into my ebates account. That means I've really spent a total of $35.50 for 2 bras that normally would have cost me $70 + $5.00 shipping. Plus, I guess since I bought this on tax-free weekend here in NC, I didn't have to pay tax either! :-) 

If you're unfamiliar with ebates, you can join here! And if you're unfamiliar with Shoprunner, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial here

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