May 5, 2012

Some Interesting Deals

Are you familiar with this brand? I've seen it at a specialty children's boutique here in Charlotte, but I've only ever bought one item (on clearance) because it is pretty pricey! Well, if you go to the Tea-Baby website here, and enter code PLUMBABY50 at checkout - you can get a whopping 50% off your entire order! I did a mock order just to make sure it works - and it is super simple! Shipping is $7.00, or free is you order $150+! This would be a great way to get some super special/high quality items for a baby gift!!!

Lets-Pour Wine
So this is kind of a fun little deal-site that is for wine and beer! When you first sign up (through Facebook Connect) you can spin the wine bottle for discounts. They also have a few built-in discounts:  

Also, when you sign-up through this link, you'll get $10 off your first purchase of $45 or more! 
So, you could get 5 bottles of Wine Enthusiast Best Buy - 2009 Castillo de Monseran Carinena for only $10/bottle (normally priced at $20)!  
5 x $10 = $50 
- $10 discount for signing up
Total: $40 and FREE SHIPPING (for $100 worth of wine)

Been waiting for a super good reason to give Netflix a try? Well, you've got it! Plum District is offering $15 Plum Dollars (that's money that you can apply to deals on Plum District) for signing up for a free 30 day Netflix Trial! The best deal I've seen previous to this was 1,000 SB for signing up - but that only translates to about $10 in gift cards. So, this is definitely a higher value! Absolutely no out-of-pocket expense to you (unless you decide to continue your Netflix membership beyond the 30 day trial) AND you make $15! That's pretty cool! If you're not a Plum District member yet, go here to sign-up! It's also free! :-) 

Harris Teeter - Super Simple Laundry Detergent Deal
Gain Laundry Detergent (32 load size) is on sale for $4.99. Load the $1.00 eVic coupon to your account AND use a $1.00 paper manufacturer coupon. Total will be $2.99! It's rare to find Gain for that price!!!

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