May 3, 2012

eVIC Special at Harris Teeter

I just got notification from Harris Teeter that starting tomorrow (May 4th), they will have Barefoot wine for only $3.97/bottle! This special will only be available May 4th - 8th. This isn't my favorite "cheap" wine - but it is a great wine for parties - particularly the Chardonnay! You can only get 4 bottles, but here is an idea on how to stack savings - even on wine!

Buy 4 bottles of Barefoot Wine (normally $6.99/bottle) @ $3.97 = $15.88
Buy 2 bottles of Rex Goliath Wine @ $5.99 = $11.98
Total = $27.86
Get a 10% half-case discount = -$2.78
Pay $25.08 
(would normally be $36 with the 1/2 case discount)

That comes out to an average of only $4.18/bottle!

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